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We've gone troppo baby. Or shall I say rootin'-tootin'.

Austin live album. 2008. Performed in the Central Presbyterian Church. Sterling on vocals and harmonica. Amy Annelle helps out on vocals. Susan Alcorn on pedal steel guitar. Ralph White on fiddle and banjo. Ryan Williams on bass. Will Johnson on drums.

We've seen this before. Kinda. During the Fort Worth live set with the same exact line up.

Preachy Sterling shouts about the lord set against a melting pot of American folk music is pure bliss. Susan Alcorn's pedal steel douses the entire thing with LSD and lets it roam wild. Fiddle and banjo bring the heat. Williams and Johnson just make you sweat even more. The final blow is delivered by the lovely and occasionally manic Southern drawl of Amy Annelle that shows up midway through the record.

Sublime. A psychedelic wilderness of country blues. I love it. Love it so much. When comparing to the Fort Worth show, I'll obviously say that this one takes the cake. Much shorter, tad bit more psychedelic and just grand overall. I also love how Susan Alcorn doesn't do as much scratching and just goes for full on assaults with her pedal steel. It hits the exact right spot when it comes to the “Jandek tries the genre” albums, akin to his punk rock of Houston Thursday and his funk of Rudyard's.

Listen to it. Prime Jandek material right here.

Posted on August 23, 2021